LED Lamps Comparison


Here are some LED lamps cost replacement and the cost of the existing lamp cost.

Note: If lifting equipment is required for lamp replacement there will be an additional charge.
LED Lamp Type  Cost To Customer Existing Lamp  Existing Lamp Cost
600mm T8 Tube 10W  21.00 600mm T8 Tube 18W 2.20
1200mm T8 Tube 18W  24.00 1200mm T8 Tube 36W 2.80
1500mm T8 Tube 22W  27.00 1500mm T8 Tube 58W 3.20
1800mm T8 Tube 26W  36.00 1800mm T8 Tube 70W 5.00
GU10 5W Non-Dimmable  10.50 GU10 Halogen 50W 2.00
BC/ES B22 10W Warm White Bulb  12.00 BC GLS 60W 0.70
30W Flood, 150 W Replacement  198.00 150W Flood 34.00
50W Flood, 250 W Replacement  225.00 250W Flood 50.00
High Bay 100W, 250W Replacement  435.00 High Bay 250W 60.00
High Bay 150W ,400W Replacement  525.00 High Bay 400W 90.00
Prices showing includes installation.