Solar PV Grant: Making PV Solar Panels for Sale a Lucrative Investment

Solar PV Grant: Making PV Solar Panels for Sale a Lucrative Investment

Many things have inspired homeowners to go green and generate electricity for themselves. The prime reason among them is a cheaper electricity bill with households saving €200-€300 annually on them. A higher BER (Building Energy Rating) also plays an active role in convincing homeowners to install solar panels for a house with them anticipating an impressive sale price if selling their property in the future. Thoughts like, “why not contribute to helping the environment” also crosses one’s mind, encouraging one to make the most of the opportunity to avail of PV solar panels for sale.

No matter what spurs your interest, you would be thrilled to know that Irish homeowners are eligible for support from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) on deciding to install a solar PV system. This highlights you are not just saving money from availing of the discounts from PV solar panels, but also on hefty electricity bills every month. This further indicates that there has never been a more opportune time to go solar than now! Given the favourable circumstances prevailing in Ireland, are you willing to part with a fraction of your savings to reap benefits in future? If you are nodding your head in approval, find out more about the solar electricity grant from this post today.

Eligibility Criteria for Availing the Grant on Small Solar Panels

  • Homeowners must have built and occupied a residential property before January 2011
  • They must occupy homes where the SEAI has not provided the grant anytime in the past
  • The property must be BER C or above
  • A SEAI-registered company/ contractor must install solar panels on the roof
  • The electrical work must be covered by a Safe Electric Ireland electrician

How Do Grants Make PV Solar Panels More Lucrative?

Homeowners are entitled €900/ kWp, eligible for up to 2kWp. The next slab provides €300 for every additional kWp up to 4kWp on condition that you get a battery. This brings the grant to €2100 for 3kWp, exclusive of €600 for a battery. Similarly, it amounts to €2400 for 4kWp, again exclusive of the battery system which values €600. In the end, you may expect up to a €3000 payback from the SEAI for a large solar PV system with a battery.

How to Apply for Photovoltaic Solar Panels Grant?

  1. Seek an SEAI registered installer.
  2. Apply to SEAI for the grant.
  3. Ensure an application to ESB Networks by the installer before installation.
  4. Get your solar PV panels installed.
  5. Ask your installer to arrange for a BER assessment.
  6. Ask your solar PV company to submit installation-related documents to the SEAI.
  7. Wait for up to 6 weeks for SEAI to process the claim.
  8. Finally, receive funds from SEAI.

Go Solar and Claim your €3000!

There has never been an opportune time to generate electricity in Ireland from Solar PV! Not only will you save on PV solar panels available, but also on electricity bills every month with the grant ensuring the latter. Do not miss this golden opportunity! For more details, get in touch with Alternative Energy!

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