Solar Panel Batteries For Lights & Energy Storage System

Alternative Energy is Sonnen approved installers of solar batteries. SonnenBatterie:The sonnenBatterie is a high-tech storage system that has proven itself in thousands of households – every day. Contact Us To Know more. Free quotation.

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Energy storage technology has been around for several decades now, but solar-powered batteries used in home solar-plus-storage systems are relatively new to the market. Installing a Sonnen solar battery– a high-tech storage system – can be the ideal choice for homeowners looking to reduce energy costs to a minimum. As Sonnen-approved installers, Alternative Energy brings to you solar systems that are long-lasting and economical. Our energy-efficient solar energy storage system allows you to cut your electricity bills.

Why Choose A Solar Panel Battery?

  • To utilise more electricity from solar panels
  • To save money on electricity
  • To reduce your carbon footprint
  • To avoid power cuts
  • To charge electric vehicles

What Are The Benefits Of Adding A Solar Battery To Your Solar Power System?

Homeowners consider a range of solar battery benefits when deciding to integrate energy storage into the design of their solar power system. These benefits are as follows:

  • Increases Your Savings- By drawing power from our solar panel battery, you can use the more affordable electricity produced by your solar panels. Be it during a storm or at night, you can power your home with renewable electricity. If you live in an area where the electricity prices are sky-rocketing, you can save hugely by drawing power from the solar batteries.
  • Greater Energy Security- A solar energy storage system lets your home be more resilient when it comes to energy. This could be especially useful if you live in an area where the grid is occasionally unstable or you simply wish to provide a higher level of certainty for your home’s power. Keep in mind that battery systems can power vital aspects of your home for several hours, even if the grid goes down.
  • Better For The Environment-Another advantage of using batteries for solar lights is that they can help save the environment. By increasing the energy-producing potential of your solar storage system, you can instantly reduce your fossil fuel usage, reduce your environmental carbon footprint, and support technologies that will help continue the drive towards a better climate future.
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