Time for change.

We have been working in the solar PV sector for over 3 years providing installations across Northern Ireland. We have decided to rebrand our company to facilitate our other services under the new company name of Alternative Energy.

Solar PV

With the ever spiraling cost of electricity we’re all looking for cost effective solutions to side step the monopoly like grip the major utility companies have on us. If only a company could supply a solution that will save me money and maybe do something good for the environment as well. The truth is at Alternative Energy we go one better we design systems that will SAVE YOU A FUTURE!

Solar PV will save you £1000’s.

Our expertise in the design, delivery and installation of solar pv panels will bring you untold savings whether you’re a domestic, light or heavy commercial user. We have a solution that will not only save you money but reduce the carbon footprint of the energy that you use. By making use of daylight and sunlight our high efficiency Photovoltaic Systems (Solar PV) you will not only be generating the power that you need in the waking hours but selling the access into the grid – YOU EARN MONEY

Alternative Energy have extensive experience in the electrical engineering sector and are highly trained and accredited. Solar Energy NI are members of RECC, MCS Accredited, NICEIC, RECI and are also ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO18001 accredited.

EvoWorld Biomass Boilers

We have now partnered with biomass boiler manufacturer Evoworld and are the sole distributor of these quality boilers in the whole of Ireland. Evoworld Boiler systems are designed and manufactured in Austria, the most technologically advanced biomass boilers in the World!

EvoWorld have been involved in the design and manufacture of wood heating systems in Austria for over 20 years manufacturing high quality wood pellet boilers from14kW to 199kW, and wood chip boilers from 25 to 500kW. EvoWorld boilers are compact and have one of the smallest footprints of any wood boiler system today. They also offer some of the best warranties in the business with a 10 year standard warranty on all parts (serviceable parts excluded), and a 20 years on the heat exchanger.

EvoWorld have an wide range of appliances starting at 14kW and increasing up to 200kW. They also have five boilers in the 100-199kw range which should your clients maximise returns from the government Renewable Heat Incentive. Most boilers in the market above 100kW tend to be chip units with expensive feed systems, but the EvoWorld pellet boilers have a feed system specially designed for the fuel, reducing cost and installation time.

The revolutionary pellet collector system allows the augur feed to be removed from the store with the pellet still in place, reducing the maintenance overhead significantly. EvoWorld boilers are compact with even the 200kW unit being able to be fitted into a standard shipping container. All EvoWorld boilers above 50kW are on the UK Clean Air Exemption list so are suitable for installation into urban areas.

So whether you are an end user interested in the installation of a Biomass Heating system or you are an installer looking for a top quality product to sell to potential customers, please get in contact.

LED Energy Saving

We have now expanded our operaions into the LED lighting sector. We have secured a direct from manufacturer source that makes this service unbeatable value offering domestic and commercial customers the utmost savings.

LED Lights save up to 85% on the cost of running conventional lights. Lighting accounts for over 7% of a typical household’s energy bill. Changing to low energy lighting will save you money. FACT! Reducing your lighting bill is the easiest ways to save money.

Houses tend to use a mix of standard light fittings, down lighters and halogen spotlight fittings. You can replace all these fittings with our new high efficiency bulbs.

Replace Bulbs

The primary types of energy efficient light bulbs available are Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

CFLs are a cost-effective option for general lighting needs. Replacing a traditional light bulb with one of our compact fluorescent light bulb will save around £3 per year, or £45 over the lifetime of the bulb.

LEDs are particularly good for replacing spotlights and dimmable lights. They are more efficient than CFLs and will save you more money in the long term. By replacing all halogen down lighters in your home with LED alternatives, you could save around £40 a year on your electricity bills.


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