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Solar Power Battery Storage

Solar Panel Batteries & Energy Storage System

Solar energy, once an ambitious alternative, has now become a cornerstone in the energy strategies for homes, businesses, and farms alike. With the advent of advanced solar battery storage systems, the dream of harnessing the sun’s power efficiently and effectively is now a tangible reality.
These cutting-edge systems not only promise an eco-friendly solution to your energy needs but also offer a revolutionary way to cut down on electricity costs and increase energy independence.

Why Choose A Solar Panel Battery?

Battery Energy Storage Systems

In essence, solar battery storage systems are not just an investment in renewable energy; they are an investment in a sustainable future. With the ability to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, mitigate electricity costs, and contribute to a healthier planet, these systems offer a compelling proposition for anyone looking to make a smart, eco-friendly choice.
Alternative Energy brings to you solar systems that are long-lasting and economical. Our energy-efficient solar energy storage system allows you to cut your electricity bills.

Solar Battery Storage for Homeowners

For homeowners, the introduction of solar battery storage is nothing short of a game-changer. Imagine a world where you’re not just saving on your electricity bill, but potentially eliminating it.

These systems store excess energy generated during the day, making it available for use at night or during peak demand times when electricity prices are highest. This means you can enjoy a consistent power supply, even during outages, ensuring your home is powered day and night, rain or shine.

Solar Battery Storage for Businesses

Businesses stand to gain significantly from the adoption of solar battery storage systems. In today’s economic landscape, operating costs can make or break your profitability. By investing in solar storage, businesses can drastically reduce their energy expenses, benefiting from lower utility bills and protection against rising energy prices.

Moreover, businesses that adopt green technologies not only bolster their reputation among environmentally conscious consumers but may also qualify for various incentives and tax breaks, further enhancing their bottom line.

Solar Battery Storage for Agriculture

For the agricultural sector, solar battery storage systems represent a beacon of hope and efficiency. Farms require a significant amount of power, often in remote areas where traditional energy sources can be unreliable and expensive.

Solar storage provides a sustainable solution, enabling farms to operate more autonomously from the grid. This can lead to reduced operational costs and a smaller carbon footprint, all while ensuring that critical processes, such as irrigation and livestock management, are maintained without interruption.

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More About Solar Power Battery Storage Systems

By drawing power from our solar panel battery, you can use the more affordable electricity produced by your solar panels. Be it during a storm or at night, you can power your home with renewable electricity.
A solar energy storage system lets your home be more resilient when it comes to energy. This could be especially useful if you live in an area where the grid is occasionally unstable or you simply wish to provide a higher level of certainty for your home’s power.
Another advantage of using batteries for solar lights is that they can help save the environment. By increasing the energy-producing potential of your solar storage system, you can instantly reduce your fossil fuel usage, reduce your environmental carbon footprint, and support technologies that will help continue the drive towards a better climate future.

Our installation and customer service team are trained to the highest standards in the solar power sector. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the highest professional standard of after care and support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Battery Storage Systems

Solar panel batteries, often referred to as solar batteries or energy storage systems, are devices that store excess electricity generated by solar panels for later use. You can use this stored energy to power your house at times when your photovoltaic systems do not generate adequate electricity, including nights, power outages, and cloudy days.

The purpose of a solar battery is to enable you to utilise more of the renewable energy. If you don’t have battery storage, any extra solar power that you produce is sent to the grid, meaning you are creating power without fully using the electricity your panels produce first.

Experience the freedom and control provided by Sonnen solar batteries in Ireland, giving you power even when the sun is not shining. We are your trusted Sonnen solar battery installers, dedicated to transforming your house into an eco-friendly haven.
Numerous variables affect the lifespan of a solar battery. Solar panel batteries generally have a lifespan of 5 to 15 years; thus you should anticipate replacing them at or around that time. Remember that all of these numbers are approximates. The condition of the battery and how strictly you adhere to the manufacturer’s usage and maintenance instructions ultimately determine the outcome. The criteria listed below may have an effect on battery life:

• Usage

The battery in your solar panel will live longer or shorter depending on how frequently you use it to store power. The battery will probably lose efficiency more quickly if it has been used often. A deep-cycle battery, which makes up the bulk of solar batteries, may use up to 80% of the energy it has stored before requiring to be recharged.

• Temperature

The effectiveness of your solar panel batteries will be impacted by maintaining an ideal temperature. It’s important to check that the battery isn’t overheating or becoming too cold. We will suggest where to install your solar PV battery to improve its longevity.

• Maintenance

To ensure that the solar battery is functioning properly and as effectively as possible, yearly maintenance is essential. Even though it can cost a little extra, it is well worth it to prolong the life of your solar panel batteries. Imagine a home powered by the sun, where your energy bills are significantly reduced, and you contribute to a greener planet. Make the smart choice today and power your tomorrow with a solar panel battery in Ireland!
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Scanner Shackletons Milling
Scanner Shackletons Milling
We had been considering the installation of Solar PV for quite a while. I visited many commercial premises that had installed solar panels to research the process, before deciding on Alternative Energy as our provider. Jerome, Ronan and their team did a top class job of designing, installing and commissioning our system, with minimum disruption to the every day running of our factory. All the required paperwork and forms were completed for our ESB Network connection and our SEAI grant application. Our phone app allows us to monitor our usage and get live information of solar production. I am now looking at installing a second system on another premises and plan on using Jerome and Ronan once again. Their standard of workmanship is exemplary and I would have no hesitation in recommending Alternative Energy as a solar provider. Mark Birnie Director Shackletons Milling.
Kendra Reynolds
Kendra Reynolds
The guys were recommended to me by a friend. Price was good and they were lovely to deal with. I'm not usually one for leaving reviews but they went the extra mile so I thought it was only fair. We actually had a faulty inverter out of the box, the guys took up the case with the manufacturer and got us a replacement fitted within a week, so fair play.
Gerry Cummins
Gerry Cummins
Excellent service and excellent value for money. They came on the planned date and installed, tested and commissioned the solar PV panel system over two days. Both the roofing team and the electricians carried out their work in a professional manner. They answered and explained any questions I asked, they discussed with me beforehand what they would do, they explained how the system operates and what apps I needed to download and they tidied up fully when they were finished. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alternative Energy to anyone based on their excellent service and professionalism.
Dawn O'Connor
Dawn O'Connor
Alternative Energy installed our solar PV system with hot water diverter in May 2023, fantastic service from initial contact with salesperson, very experienced and friendly installation team, excellent handover on how the installed system works plus assistance with drawdown of the SEAI grant. We highly recommend ALTERNATIVE ENERGY.
paul mac
paul mac
The guys at alternative energy installed our solar system 7 years ago, it was well installed and works brilliantly, they are always very happy to help with any questions even 7 years later. Highly recommend, great guys!
Linda Muldoon
Linda Muldoon
Alternative energy installed my solar panels I would highly recommend them a very professional company arrived on time got the job done in record time explained everything and I must say I am very pleased with the end result can see some savings already so a very pleased customer.
Greg Carey
Greg Carey
Great company to deal with and really professional both pre- and post-installation. Always available to answer any questions and the installation itself was really quick. Very happy with my setup now and having the ability to charge my EV car for free is a huge bonus.
Jabberwokk Account
Jabberwokk Account
Superb, unparalleled quality of installation and service. We've had 3 solar PV installations by Alternative Energy and they'll get our recommendation to each prospective customer..
Tracey O Neill
Tracey O Neill
Great company to deal with….very happy with the savings from our solar panels and Eddi hot water system. Would have no hesitation in recommending Alternative Energy!
kieran brett
kieran brett
Very pleased with 5.5kw install by this company. They were very competitive with pricing. Very helpful both in sizing the system and advising what best suited my property. Install done over 2 days, no fuss, good workmanship, all paperwork completed thoroughly. Queries post install were dealt with professionally and efficiently and to my complete satisfaction. Would definitely recommend this company for solar installation.
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