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Achieve energy independence and gain financial incentives for selling excess electricity back to the grid in Ireland. Generate it from your installed solar panels, micro-hydro, or micro-renewable CHP, collectively called microgenerators, and receive an Export Payment in exchange.

Talk to our team to apply for it on your behalf and seek technical support. We cater to both domestic and commercial clients in Northern Ireland (NI) and the Republic of Ireland (ROI).

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Why Should You Install Solar Panels to Generate Electricity?

Installing solar photovoltaic panels for electricity generation offers numerous benefits like:

• Renewable Energy Source

Solar photovoltaic panels use the Sun’s energy, a practically limitless and renewable source of energy to generate electricity. This means that you can generate electricity as long as the sun is shining.

• Energy Independence

By using solar panels to generate electricity you may become less dependent on the grid and conventional fossil fuels. In addition to reducing vulnerability to power interruptions, this can offer energy security.

• Lower Energy Bills

Installing solar panels will help you save a lot of money on your power. Costs can be further decreased by storing or selling back to the grid any extra energy produced throughout the day.

• Return on Investment

Even though buying and installing photovoltaic panels might seem expensive initially, these investments frequently pay for themselves over time through energy savings and possibly tax credits or government incentives.

• Grid Support

Solar energy may assist in lessening the strain placed on the electrical system during moments of high demand, lowering the likelihood of blackouts and enhancing grid stability.
How To Maximise Solar Panels for Electricity Generation?
Here are some guidelines to make sure that your photovoltaic panels are producing as much power as possible:

• Optimise panel placement

Solar PV panels should be set up where they will receive the most sunshine possible during the day. Additionally, the panels must be precisely positioned to catch the sun’s varying rays throughout the day.

• Keep your panels clean

The solar panels’ ability to produce electricity can be reduced by dirt, dust, and debris. The effectiveness of the panels may be preserved by routinely cleaning them using water and a gentle brush.

• Reduce shading

The amount of sunshine that reaches the solar panels might be significantly decreased by neighbouring trees or structures that provide shade. To improve energy production, prune trees and eliminate any barriers that may cause a shadow.

• Monitor its performance

Track the output of your PV system to make sure it produces the desired amount of power. It may be necessary to schedule repairs or cleaning if you see major decreases in energy production.

• Utilise energy-efficient appliances

Opting for energy-saving devices will help you utilise less power, which will enable your photovoltaic systems to provide more of the energy you need. So it’s no wonder why solar panels for electricity generation are a sustainable technology.

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