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Solar Panels Donegal

Solar Panel Installation Donegal

At Alternative Energy, we are committed to helping private and commercial clients enjoy the benefits of solar energy. As one of the cleanest green energy sources available, it’s no surprise that solar energy is becoming more and more popular across the UK & Republic of Ireland. 


We are a local solar panels provider and installer in Donegal and the surrounding areas. We are able to help you design and install your solar panel system and generate solar electricity for your home or business premises.


With many business owners and homeowners becoming more and more conscious about their environmental impact, they are often looking for greener alternatives in everyday life. Green/solar energy is a great way to reduce your environmental impact as well as move away from the monopoly-like control that energy providers have on the market. With energy prices often out of control of consumers – installing a solar panel system can help you offset your energy costs whilst reducing your impact on the environment.

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Why Choose Alternative Energy?

Our Experience
We have more than 13 years of experience working in the PV Sector. We have the proficiency to install your solar panels cost-effectively and efficiently.
SEAI Certified
Alternative Energy is proud to be a registered installer of photovoltaic systems and we are certified by SEAI. You can count on us for your commercial solar panel installation.
The Benefits of Installing a Solar Panel System
Everything that we do is focused on our customers. From the initial conversation to fast and efficient installation – we strive to provide the best customer service possible.

Our Accreditations

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How Do Solar Panel Systems Work?


Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are able to generate electricity from UV energy from the sun. The only byproduct of this process apart from electricity is heat. In terms of how the solar panel system operates, the PV cells absorb energy from the sun when the sun shines on the solar panel. Solar panels can also operate in cloudy conditions as long as the sun is shining and rain can actually clean the solar panels and make them absorb any sunlight that may be available. Once the sun shines on the solar panel, electrical charges are produced that move due to a field of electricity in the cell, thus causing electricity flow. 

Our installation process is as follows:

    • We install the solar panels on the roof of the property or on the floor around the property.

    • UV from the sun causes the reaction to take place in which electricity then flows from the field in the cell.

    • Electricity is charged from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) via an inverter.

    • The electricity then connects to the property through the main fuse board.

    • You are then able to use this to power your property as you would with other sources of electricity.

    • There are various ways in which you can use your electricity or sell electricity back to the grid if you have excess electricity.
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Our installation and customer service team are trained to the highest standards in the solar power sector. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the highest professional standard of after care and support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Solar Panels

On average, Donegal obtains around 1352 hours of sunlight per year. This means that you can install solar panels on your home or business property and enjoy all of the benefits of solar energy. This is a fantastic source of renewable energy so get in touch with a member of our team to arrange for installation today.

One of the greatest benefits of commercial PV systems is the substantial cost savings. If you operate industrial PV panels, you can sell the excess energy to the utility companies for incurring profits.

There are grants available from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland or SEAI. These grants are designed to allow communities, business owners, agricultural premises owners and homeowners to decrease their environmental impact.

SEAI Domestic Grant- Domestic grants are available to energy consumers with houses built pre-2021. Max Grant available is €2400.

SEAI Non-Domestic Grant- Non Domestic grant available to energy consumers up to a Maximum system size of 6kWp. Max Grant available is €2400.

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Scanner Shackletons Milling
Scanner Shackletons Milling
We had been considering the installation of Solar PV for quite a while. I visited many commercial premises that had installed solar panels to research the process, before deciding on Alternative Energy as our provider. Jerome, Ronan and their team did a top class job of designing, installing and commissioning our system, with minimum disruption to the every day running of our factory. All the required paperwork and forms were completed for our ESB Network connection and our SEAI grant application. Our phone app allows us to monitor our usage and get live information of solar production. I am now looking at installing a second system on another premises and plan on using Jerome and Ronan once again. Their standard of workmanship is exemplary and I would have no hesitation in recommending Alternative Energy as a solar provider. Mark Birnie Director Shackletons Milling.
Kendra Reynolds
Kendra Reynolds
The guys were recommended to me by a friend. Price was good and they were lovely to deal with. I'm not usually one for leaving reviews but they went the extra mile so I thought it was only fair. We actually had a faulty inverter out of the box, the guys took up the case with the manufacturer and got us a replacement fitted within a week, so fair play.
Gerry Cummins
Gerry Cummins
Excellent service and excellent value for money. They came on the planned date and installed, tested and commissioned the solar PV panel system over two days. Both the roofing team and the electricians carried out their work in a professional manner. They answered and explained any questions I asked, they discussed with me beforehand what they would do, they explained how the system operates and what apps I needed to download and they tidied up fully when they were finished. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alternative Energy to anyone based on their excellent service and professionalism.
Dawn O'Connor
Dawn O'Connor
Alternative Energy installed our solar PV system with hot water diverter in May 2023, fantastic service from initial contact with salesperson, very experienced and friendly installation team, excellent handover on how the installed system works plus assistance with drawdown of the SEAI grant. We highly recommend ALTERNATIVE ENERGY.
paul mac
paul mac
The guys at alternative energy installed our solar system 7 years ago, it was well installed and works brilliantly, they are always very happy to help with any questions even 7 years later. Highly recommend, great guys!
Linda Muldoon
Linda Muldoon
Alternative energy installed my solar panels I would highly recommend them a very professional company arrived on time got the job done in record time explained everything and I must say I am very pleased with the end result can see some savings already so a very pleased customer.
Greg Carey
Greg Carey
Great company to deal with and really professional both pre- and post-installation. Always available to answer any questions and the installation itself was really quick. Very happy with my setup now and having the ability to charge my EV car for free is a huge bonus.
Jabberwokk Account
Jabberwokk Account
Superb, unparalleled quality of installation and service. We've had 3 solar PV installations by Alternative Energy and they'll get our recommendation to each prospective customer..
Tracey O Neill
Tracey O Neill
Great company to deal with….very happy with the savings from our solar panels and Eddi hot water system. Would have no hesitation in recommending Alternative Energy!
kieran brett
kieran brett
Very pleased with 5.5kw install by this company. They were very competitive with pricing. Very helpful both in sizing the system and advising what best suited my property. Install done over 2 days, no fuss, good workmanship, all paperwork completed thoroughly. Queries post install were dealt with professionally and efficiently and to my complete satisfaction. Would definitely recommend this company for solar installation.
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