Electrification Spotlight: Solar PV Systems And Battery Storage

Battery storage is a vital component of electrification, and when you include a solar battery storage system in your electrification project, you end up saving money in the long run. With the advent of 2024, the new year is now defined by increasing costs and unexpected rate hikes, which means the need for electrification gets stronger day by day. Even though the cost of energy bills is set to increase rapidly with no benefit for the customer, that is you!
At this juncture, one needs to make a smart decision about how to navigate and curtail home finances to ensure savings don’t dry up. However, by installing the solar panel system, you can certainly manage the financial aspect and curtail the utility bills to a large extent. Today, let’s discuss solar battery storage and how the electrification project functions to ensure greater efficiency while at the same time supercharging your savings potential.

All Things About Solar Battery Storage
When you are looking for solar panels for sale, you just cannot ignore solar batteries. Installing solar batteries is of utmost importance for a residential solar PV system. By installing solar batteries, you can now store the solar energy and use it at a later date. This is because even the best solar panels for sale work only when the sun’s rays directly hit them. The solar panels derive energy directly from the sun, and the PV cells absorb this energy to release electrons that follow via a circuit to produce electricity, which is used to power devices and also stored in solar batteries.
The solar battery storage powers the electrical appliances at night or during peak hours when the energy price shoots up.

solar panelHow does battery storage function?
When you incorporate a solar battery system into a solar panel installation, the battery storage collects and stores the excess energy that’s generated throughout the day. If you don’t have a battery storage solution, then the excess energy generated from sunlight flows back to the grid. If there is a net metering agreement, then the utility would provide you with an energy credit that gets exported to the electric grid. On the other hand, with a battery storage solution, you get much more control over the power generated, and you can leverage the power in a strategic manner to save more money.
One way of catering to this would be by storing the energy generated during the day when the energy cost is low, and then utilising this energy at night or even in the evening when the energy costs go up. It costs more to power your house at the end of the day, which is why tapping into solar power is a better alternative. With net metering and no battery, you can send power to the grid as soon as you generate it, and yet you will be on the hook for the high rates during the evening when you essentially need power. However, with a solar battery, you can cover the energy usage at night and save money on the high energy bills, or else you get to export the stored solar energy to the grid at a premium to cover the installation costs, which ultimately helps you with good money.

Levelling up electrification with proper battery storage
As discussed previously, the electrification projects have a two-stage saving strategy. The first is to save the efficiency of electrical appliances that require less power to operate. Older appliances, being less energy efficient, require more power to operate, and that’s where clean, renewable solar energy comes into play. As battery storage helps you store and use power as you want, you can now maximise the efficiency of the electrification project by utilising the generated power as and when possible. If you plan to leverage an EV charger or a heat pump, then operating these high-energy items with solar energy and stored-up electric power can significantly reduce your electric bills. This way, you aren’t paying any premium to warm your house or charge your car. The main goal of the electrification project would be to create an elevated house where energy usage is highly efficient and you have greater control over how the system works to help you save money. The inclusion of battery storage can unlock the potential of your solar PV system.

Solar panels with solar batteries are the ultimate solution
Your electrification project is incomplete without the inclusion of solar and storage. Both of these are paired so finely that the result of electrification can’t be achieved by one without including the other. Solar energy generation, with the help of solar PV panels and battery storage, ensures energy independence along with monetary savings at every step. Looking at the present and future price hikes that are looming over customers, now is the time to find solar panels for sale and get started to save big in the long run. As luck would have it, the expert consultants at Alternative Energy can help you plan out your electrification project to fully utilise solar energy and battery storage.

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